It is a $500 per plant fine to destroy a California Poppy Plant on public land. Choosing the California Poppy to use for guerilla gardening in vacant lots and on public and private land symbolizes solidarity. 

Upland, CA

Upland, CA

christyroberts said: Can anyone post content on the California Poppy Collective site?

Yes! Anyone!

Christy Roberts

PLANT, 2010

Video, 3.24 min.

Please also visit us at: http://cargocollective.com/TheCPC

The Poppy Project (California Poppy Collective) is a multi-faceted art project. The Poppy Project ultimately aims to re-contextualize the California Poppy, and subsequently, any protected species as a symbol and tool for land reclamation and ecological non-violent action. The bright orange of the California Poppy acts as a warning to developers, that the community has chosen to take this piece of land back.

Currently the Poppy Project is manifested through Bomb/Balm workshops, The California Poppy Militia, instillations, drawings, videos, photographs, prints, and objects that both document and are inspired by the project.

This site is a forum for sharing photos and stories of your plantings. Please feel free to add content, relating to the project, by clicking "submit content." Anyone can become a member of the California Poppy Collective upon planting California Poppies in places they don not want anyone to develop into non-green space!

For questions, please contact: ChristyRoberts.Art@gmail.com

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